Boarding Information

SaddleBack Equestrian offers Full-Care Stall boarding for horses of all breeds and disciplines. They provide you and your horse with the highest level of care and service. The very knowledgeable and professional staff work together to ensure the individual needs of each horse and owner are attended to.

Full-Care Board (Stall Boarding Only)

  • Full, professional care
  • Feedings include:
    • Nutrena products grain fed twice daily, up to 10b daily
    • Any supplements provided by owner
    • Premium hay fed 3+ times daily
  • Salt brick in each stall
  • Fresh watering at least once daily
  • Stalls cleaned at least once daily
  • Daily turnout for minimum of 6-12 hours (weather permitting)
    • Individual turnout, or "buddy" turnout with 1 other horse
    • Large, safe turnouts with free choice hay
  • Individual locker with saddle and bridle rack, and a tack room
  • Use of both arenas, round pen, wash racks, grooming areas 
  • Morning checks, full visual check during turnout, night check
  • Managers/owners live on premise
  • Coordination of vet and farrier services
  • Deworming program
  • Summer fans available
  • Blanketing during inclement weather (owner supplied blanket)
  • Fly spray application prior to turnout (owner supplied fly spray)

Full-Care Board (no self-care or pasture board currently offered)

  • $475/month: Full-Care Stall Board / Barn II
  • $525/month: Full-Care Stall Board / Main Barn

Additional Services

$10/month Summer Fan (fan included)
$20 Deworming w/paste dewormer
$30/month Picking out of feet daily
$10 Covering farrier check for reimbursement
$10 Vet/Farrier Assistance                                   

$20 Mane Pull
$20 Show Clip
$15 Unbraiding
$175 Full Body Clip
$50 Emergency Handling for Vet, or Farrier if owner not available
$50 In-Town Hauling; $0.95/mile Out-of-Town Hauling                      10% commission horse sale, purchase, or lease assistance
$30 Haul-In Facility Usage per Day per Rider/Horse (Negative Coggins Required)                                                                                       

*Prices and conditions subject to change.


Hear what some of the Horses are saying about SaddleBack Equestrian:

My name is Lindsey’s Surprise and as a thoroughbred, I have traveled the country as a race horse and moved with my mom when she changed jobs. I have been to many nice barns, and SaddleBack ranks up there with the best. I enjoy having a window in my stall and am able to keep tabs on everyone, and the added bonus of fresh air is great. I have enough room to move around and take a nap. I get fed excellent feed, great hay, have fresh water and get to be outside with my buddies at least 12 hours a day, if not more. I am well taken care of and if my mom can’t get out to see me they give me treats and help me not to miss her-they are fantastic!


I first arrived at SaddleBack in December 2014 and fell in love with this wonderful facility and the most wonderful people there! They provide me with the best care and pamper me incessantly. My day consists of excellent care with long turnouts in my safe paddock when weather is not scary or too hot/cold, an abundance of hay, premium grain, and well-maintained arenas for frequent rides and lessons to attain my muscular physique for the ladies/mares. Most of all, I enjoy the loving and laid-back atmosphere which makes me a happy horse all the way around! What more could a horse ask for? XOXO!