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Summer Camps

SaddleBack Equestrian’s summer camps are for ages 6+ with emphasis on safe horsemanship, sportsmanship, and showmanship. Campers ride in daily lessons on one of SaddleBack’s safe and experienced school horse. They also get a realistic introduction into the daily routine of caring for horses, horse-mounted games, a fun horse show, and education materials including their own camp notebook. SaddleBack's qualified trainers lead camps to ensure each camper receives excellent riding lesson instruction.

  • Beginner Camps – For those just starting out with horses OR with limited experience. Campers will learn to steer, halt, walk, trot, post, and 2-point (jump position). Those with limited riding experience will work on more advanced skills to help them camp. Campers will learn to groom and tack up the horse, and basic horse care. Farrier & Vet Demos possible. 
  • Advanced Beginner Camp – For those walking/trotting AND for those walking, trotting and cantering in hunt seat lesson program. Campers will be introduced to cantering if not yet cantering, and jumping if ready and already cantering in current lesson program. Campers will enhance their riding skills at all gaits and do polework. They will learn basic horse management including horse care, vet & farrier care, feeding and more.

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Camp slots are limited and fill quickly. Sign-up online through secure PayPal to guarantee your spot, or mail in deposit with Registration!

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2018 Summer Camp Dates

(Camps run 9am–3:30pm)

June 5-7 (Beginner), 3-day

June 11-15 (Beginner), 5-day

June 18-22 (Beginner), 5-day 

June 25-28 (Adv Beg/Int), 4-day

July 9-13 (Beginner), 5-day 



3-day Camp: $210

4-Day Camp: $295

5-Day Camp: $325

(Campers to bring sack lunch & water bottles daily, pizza party provided last day)

Dates subject to change.


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Sherry Guess Dressage Clinic

Sherry Guess is coming to SaddleBack Equestrian!  Sherry is a top dressage instructor and travels all over the United States training horses and riders from Intro level to Grand Prix.  She is will be offering lessons to our students on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 from 12:00 - 6:00 pm (or later if times requested/needed).  

What:   Dressage Lessons from Sherry Guess

Who:    Open to all SaddleBack Clients (Beginner through Advanced)

When:  Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Time:    Afternoon/evening time slots to be assigned as riders sign up

Dressage means "training" in French and is the foundation of all riding.  It is highly recommend that all riders train in some dressage. Here is some information for Hunter Jumper riders that may not think they have an interest in Dressage: 

The first Classical Dressage Training Scale guidelines are: Rhythm, Relaxation, and Contact. A Hunter needs to be in Rhythm and Relaxed to show the form necessary to place well in Hunter competitions. Rhythm is how we make the strides smoother between the jumps. Contact for a jumping horse can mean we take a flexible feel of our horses mouth and by keeping the horse balanced in front of our leg, create positive energy and balanced beauty.

The rest of the Dressage Training Scale is: Impulsion, Straightness, and Collection. Straightness (a straight line in the horses body) results in a straight line to the jumps and around the corners of the arena. Impulsion in a jumping horse can mean he has energy and pushing power from straightness in his body and well developed carrying power in the haunches. Collection to a jumping horse can mean his stride has become smoothly adjustable, making it easier to balance him to the fences and adjust his stride for a long or short take off spot at the jumps. 

We do some light dressage work in all of our lessons (circles, going across diagonal, leg yields, extended or collected trot, etc); however, this is an opportunity to learn some new skills to apply to continuing lessons or riding on your own. Sign-Up ASAP as spots are limited: 

Contact for pricing. Horses available if needed. 


Contact 918-408-6446 to sign-up!