Partial Leases

SaddleBack Equestrian school horses are available for Partial Lease. Leasing is recommended for those considering buying a horse or for those just wanting additional time with horses outside of lessons without the expense of owning their own horse.  SaddleBack pays all horse expenses including board, care, farrier/shoeing and vet work.  SaddleBack lease options provide the opportunity to pay a fraction of the cost while still receiving the benefits of riding "your" horse during the week on top of being guaranteed for lessons and events. 

Benefits to Leasing:  

  • Riders able to get feel of owning a horse without commitment of purchasing a horse plus monthly costs of Board, Farrier, Vet, etc.  
  • Riders  guaranteed use of Lease Horse for all lessons, events vs non-lease riders that ride available school horses, which vary lesson to lesson
  • Leasing is short-term commitment and far less expensive than owning a horse
  • Leasing allows the opportunity to evaluate the rider's commitment to riding
  • Ending a lease is easier and much less traumatic than having to sell a horse you know longer want

SaddleBack offers partial leases on their well-trained school horses. With a partial lease, Leasees would always be guaranteed to ride their preferred school horse in lessons and horse shows/clinics.  They may also ride their horse 2-3x per week on their own.  

Current Partial Lease Fees for SaddleBack School Horses: 

  • 12-Month Lease: $275/month
  • 6-Month Lease:  $295/month
  • 3-Month Lease:  $325/month

SaddleBack covers expenses: boarding (including feed, hay, shavings, daily care and labor), shoeing/farrier, training and vet bills.  Leasee's expenses would be lease fee, lessons, clinics or horse shows ridden in (horse rental fee waived).  SaddleBack also includes bridle, martingales, girths, pads, and boots in the lease price. If you do not have your own saddle, you may use one of SaddleBack's lesson saddles for an additional $25/month. 

Savings for leasing:

  • $5 off each lesson
  • School Horse Rental Fee waived for horse shows and clinics 
  • All the horses boarding, farrier and vet expenses covered in the lease vs owning your own horse


Horses Available for Lease

Kip Away, AKA Kip, is a 12 yr old thoroughbred gelding who joined the Saddleback family Summer 2016. This adorable and kind 16.1 hand chestnut spent the majority of his life at the race track--7 years of racing with 37 starts, winning $126,207. This is where he met his previous owner as she was his groom and helped take care of him. As Kip’s time on the track was coming to an end, she decided to purchase him as her personal horse because of his sweet temperament and love for attention and work. Kip then first learned to jump and took the first steps in his hunter/jumper career. Considering that his previous owner owned and operated a horse training business, and was adding two little babies to her family at the time, there wasn’t much free time left for Kip to continue his training. Knowing what a social and hardworking horse he was, she decided that he needed a new home somewhere with plenty of people, lots of attention, other horses, and a job. That’s where SaddleBack came in, and Kip found new school horse friends, made a great addition to our program, and is absolutely spoiled by those that ride him. He's made so much progress in his short time here jumping full courses quietly with a beautiful automatic lead change. He won many blues & multiple Championships in the 2'3 Academy Beginner division in 2017!   

Miss Money Penny (aka Penny) is a Medium Pony measuring 53" or 13.1 hands. She is a bay colored, welsh pony with a cute star on her forehead. Penny has her United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) card and show experience in both "A" rated Hunter/Jumper shows and schooling shows. For 2015, she earned Year-End Reserve Championships in both the Hunter and Equitation divisions for Academy (schooling division) Short Stirrup (ages 10 and under) with her partial lease rider Anysa.

Penny is not only a flashy show pony (winning many trio-colors and Championships during her show career) but also takes care of beginner walk/trot riders in her lessons. She has a very sweet personality, and while she can be a "flirt" with the male horses, she is an honest, affectionate pony. Known to have a VERY bouncy trot, her canter and jump abilities make up for it. Riders adore her! Penny is available for lessons, lease, and shows.

Beauregard, better known as Beau or Beau Beau, is a 17-year-old chestnut thoroughbred with a white star on his forehead, a white coronet on his left front and a half sock on his left hind. Beau joined the Saddleback family after many years of being a race horse, registered as Jojo’s Reality, and later riding hunter/jumpers at other schooling barns. He has continued in the hunters with great success in SaddleBack's program. He completed the 2016 show year as CHAMPION in BOTH the Academy Beginner Hunters and Equitation divisions with his lease rider! According to riders, Beau has quite a few cute little quirks. For example, he’s pretty sure he’s a dog and all he really wants is attention, to help with grooming by holding brushes in his mouth, cuddles, to play in the snow, and a few of his favorite treats, Pony Cannolis.

Incredibly easy-going and sweet-natured, Beau is really just a people-pleaser who strives to take care of his rider in all circumstances. This big sweetheart is currently available for lessons, showing, and a half-lease.

Bishop (show name "King's Knight) is a 17-year-old quarter horse gelding. He originally came from a paint horse farm, where the breeder wanted to sell him because he didn’t quite have the ideal paint horse pattern. Prior to his time as part of the Saddleback family, Bishop was a foxhunter with his buddy of fourteen years, Brady, who was the SBE school horse of the month in October! Bishop and Brady were both used as whip horses, however, Bishop was always overly excited to do his job. His favorite thing to do as a whip horse would be to chase the stray hounds or to stop a group of hounds. Bishop has proven to be very athletic and agile and will jump just about anything if you tell him to.

He has a very vibrant and humorous personality and is aware of his dashingly good looks! Bishop is also a very quick learner but he sometimes likes to have a little fun. He can be very playful and loves to give hugs and nuzzle you with his nose if you have some downtime in the cross ties.  This black beauty has an incredibly kind personality and is always eager to please! Bishop excelled in the 2'3 Academy Division division this past year, earning his rider Year End Awards! Bishop is currently available for lessons, showing and partial lease!

Little Piece of Heaven, better known as Lily, is a 13.2 hand, gray welsh cobb mare. Lily has no specific markings besides a double whorl on her face. Lily has won many champion and reserve ribbons in multiple shows. Her most recent win was at the Lambanks show this past weekend where she won champion in the 2'3" very lows. Lily has also won many year end ribbons, including a Year End Reserve Champion in the short stirrup division. Before Lily became such a winner in the hunters, she was used as a jumper pony. Though she may be tiny, she is definitely mighty! She has jumped up to 2'6" - 2'9".  Lily is not currently a jumper pony, but has officially been a school horse at saddleback for almost two years now.

She's proven to be quite an adventurous little pony! During the summer, she can sometimes be a little lazy but when winter comes, her true personality shines through. Lily is full of sweet surprises and keeps you on your toes! Watch out because she'll eat just about anything you put in front of her face, she has even eaten a bell once! Though she is technically a school horse now, she is still best friends with her old pasture pal, Angel. Lily is the perfect little pony for beginners and advanced riders. If you're looking for a fun ride,  don't miss out on this Little Piece of Heaven! She is available for lessons, leases, pony parties, and showing! 

Pictured above as far right horse, Brady is a 17 year old grey appendix quarter horse gelding with a unique black marking on his face. Before becoming a Saddleback school horse, Brady was primarily used as a foxhunter. Of his 7 years of foxhunting, 6 were spent as a whip horse. A whip horse operates away from the hunt field and usually very close to the hounds. Brady proved to be a quick learner with a calm and dependable attitude. While he definitely likes to conserve his energy, and was often found fast asleep before and after hunting, when asked, he’ll give you everything he’s got. He was very attentive during the hunt and could always find his way back to the hounds and the field if they ever got lost. Brady has competed in entry level dressage and competitive trail rides. He won 5th out of 75 horses in his first competitive trail ride, without having any previous experience.

Brady joined the Saddleback family in 2016 and has enjoyed his adjustment to being a school horse. This sweet boy with a gentle soul and a big heart is always happy to do his job. All you have to do is ask and he’ll do just about anything you want. He takes care of even the most timid rider! Brady is available for lessons, leasing, shows, and more!

Belle (aka Southern Bell) is a 13 year old, 11.1 hand, Welsh pony mare. Bay in color, Belle has a star and snip on her face, 3 white pasterns, and 1 white coronet. Before becoming a school horse at Saddleback, Belle was owned by another riding barn up in the Northeast. During her time there, Belle was used as a school horse, where she won several ribbons in the short/long stirrup division, including blues, and even competed in the Devon horse show! Her previous owners purchased her after her school horse days as more of a leadline horse for their two young daughters. Being a military family, they moved around a lot and sweet Belle always went with them. But, when it came time for the family to move to Fort Sill, Belle sadly needed a new home. We found her and knew she would be a perfect fit at Saddleback when her owners told us she would stand completely still and quiet in the cross ties while the two daughters painted her hooves with nail polish!

From there, Saddleback took her on as a lesson horse, retrained her to be a school horse again, and not just for the flat, but also for jumping lessons. Belle has been a pleasure to have at  Saddleback Equestrian. She’s taught many young riders the basics, taken a few over their first fences, and continues to be a favorite among all ages. Belle is currently available for lessons, short/long stirrup showing, and lease options.  

Charlie (aka Charlie Cheesecake) is a 16 year old, 16.1 hand, gray Thoroughbred gelding. Registered as Bold Meadow with The Jockey Club, Charlie has a star with connecting stripe and snip on his face. Before becoming a school horse at SaddleBack, Charlie had spent many years as a “pony horse” on the track. Pony horses are the horses you see in the pre and post parades. They're the horses accompanying the racehorse and jockey onto the track at race time. Pony horses are there for a number of reasons. At the beginning of each race, a pony’s rider reaches over to attach a lead to a nervous racehorse on the way to the starting gate. The racehorse might be young, anxious, distracted or just plain silly. The pony horse is often a calming presence, providing a safety net for both horse and jockey. SaddleBack purchased Charlie in 2013 because of this calming demeaning, non-spookiness (he’s seen it all at the track over the years), and willingness to try for his rider.

 Once at SaddleBack, Charlie started receiving training rides, learned how to be consistent with his leads, move off the leg, how to jump courses, and now has an auto flying lead change and is competitive at local Hunter Jumper schooling shows. He was Reserve Champion in the Long Stirrup Division in 2014 and has also had Year End awards in the the AC Short Long and 2’ Hunter Divisions.  Last year, Charlie has moved up to the 2’3 AC Beginners and has brought home many great ribbons for his riders.  Charlie has jumped up to 3' with ease, has a huge stride that easily gets down the lines, and an easy, solid flying lead change. Riders enjoy Charlie because he is not too fast or too lazy, doesn’t spook and is very consistent.  He’s also great at teaching riders how to do flying lead changes, as well as fun to jump. Charlie is currently available for lessons, partial lease, and showing.   

Payday is an 11 year old, 15.3 hand, appendix Quarter Horse gelding. He recently won Reserve Champion at the KJM Show this past weekend with his student partially leasing him! Chestnut/Sorrel colored with a white blaze and 3 white socks, his registered name is PA Tulsa Time--registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. The brand on his front left shoulder appears to have a "PA" in it from his registered name.  Payday has done a little bit of everything in the english and western horse show worlds.  This includes Barrel Racing, Youth/4-H, Hunter Under Saddle and Dressage. He had been very successful in Dressage when SaddleBack purchase him in 2013.  After joining SaddleBack, Payday immediately starting giving dressage lessons. He quickly became a favorite for many of the more experienced dressage students  While doing dressage lessons SaddleBack began working him over jumps, and he was quickly doing full courses with some of the more advanced riders. As he gained more experience and confidence, he began doing lessons for riders of all levels.  

Payday has competed numerous times in 18" Academy Short /Long Stirrup Divisions through 2"3 Academy Beginner Division.  A nice mover, Payday does quite well in his Hunter Under Saddle classes.  Riders also like him for equitation classes as he has a very smooth trot and canter.  Payday has jumped up to 3' with his lease riders and has a lovely lead change. He does see monsters from time to time and can have a bit of a spook on windy, cold days but our advanced riders enjoy "winter Payday" while all of our riders can enjoy "summer Payday." Congrats to Payday and his 2017 partial lease rider for winning Champion and Reserves in HJEO & OHJA 2'3 Academy Beginner Divisions for 2017! Payday is available for lessons, partial lease, and showing.

My Shadow (aka Shadow) is a 15'2hh Quarter Horse Gelding, Dark Brown colored (black in appearance when not sun-bleached) with a white star and snip.  He is considered by many to be one of the favorite school horses! While 12 years old, Shadow has been a school horse for almost 8 years. Teaching people how to ride has been all he's known and what he does best! While he can sometimes be grumpy in the cross-ties, once the bridle is on he is happy to work.  Jumping is his favorite, and this horse has never refused a jump.  In fact, he's been known to jump a jump or two on his own when beginner riders don't steer well and point him at the direction of a jump! 

Shadow has shown competitively with SaddleBack in the Academy Short and Long Stirrup up through the 2'3 hunter divisions. Never phased by his environment or any new jump, he is the "steady-eddie" that many of our students have shown on for their first show. He is a confidence builder to both the youngest riders and adults. Shadow has won more ribbons to count and many Year End Awards including year end ribbons in the 2'3 Academy Beginner Division for 2015.  Shadow is available for lessons, partial lease, and showing.

Mac N Cheese (aka Mac) is registered as "Big Mac To Go" with The American Paint Horse Association. Mac has a mustang freeze brand under his mane.  All mustangs/wild horses & burros gathered off public lands by the BML (Bureau of Land Management) can be identified with a painless freeze-mark on the left side of their necks, with a unique set of symbols. De-coding this brand will tell you (1) that the animal was the property of the US government, (2) animal's age, (3) state where the animal was first brought after capture, & (4) individual 4-digit code (which corresponds to neck tag that the animal wears before adoption). These symbols uniquely identify each individual, similar to a human's social security number.  Once a mustang, Mac was adopted and has had some wonderful, caring owners--the latest of which gave him to SaddleBack so he can get great care, love & attention from the students.  Although he can sometimes be a bit ornery in the cross-ties, Mac loves his job (especially jumping) and enjoys giving lessons to our beginner riders. Next time you are around Mac be sure to check out his unique mark showing he was a mustang (and give him an extra pat or kiss b/c we love him). Mac is available for lessons, partial lease, and showing.                      

While his name might be “The Secret of Nim,” the only secret that this little chestnut has is his amiable disposition and eagerness to work. Nim is a 19-year-old warmblood, that has been with Saddleback for about a year now. His training in the upper levels of dressage has made him a favorite among not only our more advanced dressage riders but even our beginners. Though Nim acquired his dressage training prior to his time at Saddleback, he definitely never misses an opportunity to show off his gorgeous trot. His extended trot and lateral movements are fantastic! Nim’s dressage training carries over into any discipline, making him a great listener and beautiful mover. 

Nim learned to jump with us this past fall and has since been used for both flat and jumping lessons. He has always been eager to learn, so teaching an old dog new tricks wasn’t so hard, and he picked up jumping quite easily. Regardless of whether his rider is having their first lesson, first jump, or has been lessoning for years, Nim maintains his sweet-hearted, patient, and gentle attitude. Though he is currently leased by one of our adult dressage riders, this incredible horse is available for a partial-lease and occasional use in lessons.

Rose pic.jpeg

Santee Rose, AKA Rose, is registered with The Pony Of Americas Club and one of SaddleBack's newest addition to the lesson program as of 2018. A 14'1hh super sweet POA, she is a new barn favorite and has settled into our program here at SaddleBack impressively well! She's been an amazing addition to our beginner program for our newer walk/trot canter riders. Also settling in to our beginner jumping programs, she's jumping and loving it--being super honest & brave for her rider hunting the obstacle and careful! Her current forte is being an exceptional walk, trot, canter Large pony--we have a Small & 2 Mediums, Rose is now our Large at 14'1hh! She's buckskin frost in color and riders love both her color and temperament! Her previous owner thought she needed a job, instead of just being in the pasture, and contacted SaddleBack hoping we'd give her the love, attention and exercise after his grandkids had grown older. She has become one of many favorites at SaddleBack for lessons! She was originally for his grandkids to ride, and as they got older and moved away she became a pasture horse and has now found her new home here with us! Rose is known to bow for her grain at feed time as well as other hidden talents! This sweetheart gal is currently available for lessons, showing, and a partial-lease.