October Newsletter SaddleBack Equestrian

SaddleBack Equestrian Upcoming Events

SaddleBack Fall Beginner SessionAugust 28 - November 26
KJM Farm Show: October 29-30
SaddleBack Halloween Party: Sunday, October 30; 3-4:30pm
Cadence Equestrian Show (@Edmond): November 5
SaddleBack In-Barn Show: Saturday, November 12
HJEO Fall Finale Show (@Tulsa Fairgrounds): Nov 17-20

SaddleBack Winter Beginner SessionNovember 27 - February 25
Christmas Break / Winter Camp: December 27-30

SaddleBack Equestrian News:

SaddleBack Halloween Party: Sunday, October 30, 3-4:30pm: Come join us for a fun afternoon of costume parade, painted pumpkin display, games and candy/treats.  The costume parade contest starts at 3:30pm in the Jumper Ring.  Sign-ups are posted on the tack-room window. Sign up ASAP as we had over 30 people signed up & participate last year!  Bring your painted (not carved) pumpkin to display/be voted on for 1st-8th place ribbons, and we will later place the pumpkins around the arena and under jumps for all to enjoy during lessons the following week. Hope to see everyone there!  This event is free for everyone so even if not participating, please come to watch & enjoy the fun!

SaddleBack In-Barn FALL SHOW:  Saturday, November 12:

Prize list, info, and sign up sheet for the SaddleBack Fall Show are on tack room window. Hurry and sign up to reserve your preferred school horse if you do not have your own horse to show! Each school horse can show in up to 2 divisions plus the lead-line class and will be assigned on a 1st-come-1st-serve basis with completed Entry Form and $50 deposit securing the horse. This fun event allows riders new to showing a "taste" of the horse show atmosphere, while the more experienced riders can test their skills and/or practice moving up a division!  Divisions include mini-stirrup (ground pole), short/long stirrup (12-18"), Very Low (2'-2'3) & the adorable lead-line class.  Ribbons are awarded in all classes plus division champions and reserves. Sign up today! 

Christmas Break / Winter Camp:
SaddleBack Equestrian is offering a Christmas Break/Winter Camp for Beginner to Advanced Beginner students beginning Tuesday, Dec. 27-Friday, Dec. 30th from 12-3pm! Learn new skills and play fun games for four days over the Winter Break! Camp cost is $150 if you sign up by December 5th. After December 5th cost will be $175. A $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot. Sign up soon as Christmas is just around the corner! Go to the website link below for more info and to register. 

Winter Beginner Lesson Session:
Winter session begins the week of Sunday, November 27th! This is a 13 week session offered to beginner students 7 days a week. Benefits include weekly 1 hour lessons at discount rates! Sign up soon while spots are still available. 

Congrats to LamBanks Show riders/horses:

Congrats to our riders/horses on a fantastic LamBanks show September 24th! Achievements include:

Carsyn/Pete- Champion .85 Jumpers & Champion .95 Jumpers
Hannah/Winston- Champion Modified Eq & Reserve Champion Hunters
Abbie/Beau- Champion AC Beginner Hunters & Reserve Equitation
Savannah/Shadow- Champion AC Beginner Equitation
Lauren/Charlie- Reserve Champion AC Beginner Hunters
Jamey/Oro- Champion Long Stirrup Hunters & Reserve Champion Equitation
Katie/Shadow- Champion AC L/S Stirrup Eq & Reserve Champion Hunters
Kristen/Lily- Champion 2’3 Hunters
Hannah/Winston- Champion TIP Hunters
Abbie- Reserve Champion TIP Hunters

Ava/Payday earned multiple 2nds in AC S/L Stirrup, and Aubrey/Faith earned ribbons in SS flats at 1st away show! Way to go SaddleBack riders!!

Congrats to Farewell Farm Show riders/horses:

Congratulation to our riders on their accomplishments at the Farewell Show October 15th! Highlights include: 

Abbie/Beau- Champion AC Beginner Hunters
Jamey/Oro - Champion 2' Hunters
Lauren/Charlie- Reserve Champion AC Beginner Hunters
Marissa/Cappy- Reserve Champion TIP Hunters

Savannah/Shadow won their AC Beginner Hunter Equitation over Fences class and many other ribbons,
Kenzie/Angel won multiple ribbons in Beginner Hunters, and Katie/Shadow earned multiple ribbons in AC S/L Stirrup
Great job riders!

Fall Show Season
Fall show season is in full swing! Sign-up sheets are posted on the tack room window. If you ride a school horse and have a favorite horse you want to ride in a show(s), sign your name and preferred horse up ASAP as they are assigned on a 1st-come-1st-serve basis if not leased. One of the many perks of leasing a SaddleBack horse is that you are ALWAYS guaranteed your horse for lessons and shows AND save on horse rental fees. If you have any questions about shows or leasing a school horse, please contact SaddleBack or ask your trainer. 

School Horse of Month

Pictured above as far right horse, Brady is a 17 year old grey appendix quarter horse gelding with a unique black marking on his face. Before becoming a Saddleback school horse, Brady was primarily used as a foxhunter. Of his 7 years of foxhunting, 6 were spent as a whip horse. A whip horse operates away from the hunt field and usually very close to the hounds. Brady proved to be a quick learner with a calm and dependable attitude. While he definitely likes to conserve his energy, and was often found fast asleep before and after hunting, when asked, he’ll give you everything he’s got. He was very attentive during the hunt and could always find his way back to the hounds and the field if they ever got lost. Brady has competed in entry level dressage and competitive trail rides. He won 5th out of 75 horses in his first competitive trail ride, without having any previous experience.
Brady joined the Saddleback family earlier this year and has enjoyed his adjustment to being a school horse. This sweet boy with a gentle soul and a big heart is always happy to do his job. All you have to do is ask and he’ll do just about anything you want. Brady is available for lessons, leasing, shows, and more!

Riding Tip Corner

“Impulsion. Rhythm. Balance. Straightness.”
These four basic techniques, when used together, can improve a multitude of minor riding errors. To start, make sure your horse has impulsion. Impulsion is simply that your horse is carrying himself forward using his hind end and not relying on your constant aids. In all gaits, your horse should be alert and attentive to his surroundings, what you are asking him to do, and what is expected of him. Once you’ve established and maintained this impulsion, focus on your rhythm. Count every step your horse takes and move when he does. For the walk you should find and follow a simple 4 beat rhythm; the trot, a 2 beat rhythm; and for the canter, a 3 beat rhythm. Each rhythm should begin when you feel the horse’s hind end lifting off the ground, signaling the start of a stride, end when the final front leg has landed, and then repeat. By counting strides and having your horse in front of your leg (having impulsion), you can adjust your horse’s speed until it is consistent. This will help with finding the right jumping distance and also maintaining a steady pace around the ring. Next, be sure that you and your horse are balanced. Now that your horse is moving forward and keeping a nice pace, check to see that your horse is carrying his weight equally on his hind and front end. You should be positioned at the vertical, directly with the horse’s motion. Finally, keep your horse straight. His hind end should follow directly behind his front, with a general straightness from the poll to the dock of his tail. Prevent your horse from bending too far in or out by using your aids as you go around the ring. You should always feel the horse slightly bending around your inside leg, with his hind legs falling where his front feet were. Try focusing on these four tips when you’re out hacking or ask your trainer to help you master them to improve your horse’s performance in the ring.