November Newsletter

SaddleBack Equestrian Upcoming Events

SaddleBack Winter Beginner Session: November 27 - February 25
SaddleBack CHRISTMAS PARTY: Sunday, December 18; 5-7pm @ Mazzios 101st & Sheridan
Christmas WINTER CAMP: December 27-30 (Tuesday-Friday)

HJEO 2016 Awards Banquet:  February, date TBA
OHJA 2016 Awards Banquet: February, date TBA
Schooling Show Dates TBA: will post once HJEO & OHJA schedule in next month or so

Tulsa Rendezvous I Horse Show (Tulsa Fairgrounds): April 12- 16
Tulsa Rendezvous II Horse Show (Tulsa Fairgrounds): April 19-23
GO Show Summer Show (OKC Fairgrounds): May 12-16
GO Preview Show (OKC Fairgrounds): July 5-9

SaddleBack Equestrian News:

SaddleBack Christmas Party: Sunday, December 18, 5-7pm @ Mazzios Pizza, 101st & Sheridan; The SaddleBack Christmas Party will be held back at Mazzios Pizza on the SE corner of 101st & Sheridan (next door to Sky Fitness) on Sunday, December 18 from 5-7pm.  Pizza and drinks will be provided by SaddleBack (salad bar may be purchased for an add'l $4.25) along with fun games, prizes & a gift exchange!  Please bring an approximate $10 wrapped horse-themed gift for a game. RSVP via email: info@saddlebackequestrian.comor the sign-up sheet at barn by Thursday, December 15th.

Christmas Break / Winter Camp:
SaddleBack Equestrian is offering a Christmas Break/Winter Camp for Beginner to Advanced Beginner students beginning Tuesday, Dec 27 - Friday, Dec 30 from 12-3pm! Learn new skills and play fun games for four days over the Winter Break! Camp cost is $150 if you sign up by December 5th, $175 after December 5th . A $50 deposit required to reserve your spot. Sign up soon as Christmas Break is just around the corner. This is also a great Christmas giftClick website link below for more info & to register. 

Winter Beginner Lesson Session:
Winter Beginner Lesson Session began this week starting Sunday, November 27th! This is a 13-week session for beginner students providing weekly 1-hour lessons at a discounted rate. It is open to both riders brand new to SaddleBack and to current very beginner SaddleBack riders. Lesson sessions are offered 7 days/week (dates & times posted on our website). Benefits include weekly 1-hour lessons at discount rates of $27/lesson! Riders may start at anytime for a pro-rated rate.  Sign-up now to ensure your preferred date & time!

SaddleBack Tack Winter Sale
SaddleBack Tack is now opening its doors (outside of appointments) in the barn every Tuesday 5-7pm & Saturday 12-2pm! We have plenty of new & gently usedriding apparel to fit your equestrian needs - from boots, chaps, breeches, show coats, shirts, gloves & more. We take special orders as well! Swing by on Tuesdays or Saturdays to check out what we offer or call/text Crystal @ (918) 636-9888 to schedule an appt.  

Congrats to KJM Farm Show riders/horses:

A Big Congrats to our SaddleBack Equestrian riders on their incredible accomplishments at the KJM Farm Show on October 29th! Highlights: 
Kristen/Lily - CHAMPION 2'3 Hunters
Hannah/Winston - CHAMPION TIP Hunters
Carsyn/Pete - CHAMPION 3' Schooling Jumpers
Savannah/Shadow- CHAMPION AC Beginner Hunters
Grace/Lily- RESERVE CHAMPION AC Beginner Hunters
 won 1st in Intermediate under Saddle & multiple other ribbons,
Emmy/Payday won 1st in AC Beginner Handy Hunter & multiple other ribbons, and Hannah/Winston won 1st in Modified Hunter I & multiple others.

Not only did ALL of our riders showing bring home at least 1 blue ribbons, but they also exhibited excellent sportsmanship & horsemanship! We're so proud of you all!!

Congrats to Cadence Equestrian Show riders/horses:

Congrats to our SaddleBack riders on their accomplishments at the Cadence Show November 5th in Edmond, OK! Highlights: 
Jamey/Oro - CHAMPION 2' Hunters
Marissa/Cappy- CHAMPION TIP Hunters
Jamey/Oro – RESERVE CHAMPION Long Stirrup
 - won multiple ribbons including 2nd in Eq showing 1st time in Crossbar Division, & Carsyn/Pete won multiple ribbons including 2nd showing in the .85 M Jumpers! Great job riders!! 

Big Congrats to SaddleBack In-Barn riders!:

Congratulations to all our SaddleBack riders who showed at our SaddleBack Equestrian Fall Show! We are so proud of all of our riders' accomplishments and growth! SaddleBack Equestrian has the finest show team and we can't wait to see what unfolds with our newest members in 2017!!

Congrats to Fall Finale / Year-End Show riders/horses:

Congrats to our SaddleBack riders on their accomplishments at the HJEO Fall Finale show at the Tulsa Fairgrounds, November 17-20th! Highlights include: 
Savannah/Shadow- RESERVE CHAMPION AC Beginner Hunters
Katie/Shadow – RESERVE CHAMPION AC Long Stirrup
 - won many ribbons including multiple 1sts & 2nds in the AC Beginner and TIP Hunter Divisions, Hannah/Winston - won many ribbons including multiple 1sts & 2nds in the TIP Hunter & Modified Divisions, and Marissa/Cappy won numerous ribbons including 2nd & 3rd place ribbons in the HJEO Ride-offs, TIP Hunter & Modified Divisions! Excellent riding and congrats on all your achievements this year! 

School Horse of Month

Bishop (show name "King's Knight) is an 18-year-old quarter horse gelding. He originally came from a paint horse farm, where the breeder wanted to sell him because he didn’t quite have the ideal paint horse pattern. Prior to his time as part of the Saddleback family, Bishop was a foxhunter with his buddy of fourteen years, Brady, who was the SBE school horse of the month in October! Bishop and Brady were both used as whip horses, however, Bishop was always overly excited to do his job. His favorite thing to do as a whip horse would be to chase the stray hounds or to stop a group of hounds. Bishop has proven to be very athletic and agile and will jump just about anything if you tell him to.

He has a very vibrant and humorous personality and is aware of his dashingly good looks! Bishop is also a very quick learner but he sometimes likes to have a little fun. He can be very playful and loves to give hugs and nuzzle you with his nose if you have some downtime in the cross ties.  This black beauty has an incredibly kind personality and is always eager to please! Bishop became one of our beloved school horses earlier this year and is now available for leasing, lessons, and showing!

Riding Tip Corner

Mind your mood!

While it’s natural and often easy to get wrapped up in all the commotion and emotions of the day, try to leave your stresses and anxiety outside the barn. The majority of people use riding as a form of “therapy,” whether they know it or not. In fact, according to Franklin Levinson, it has been proven that even just being around horses can reduce stress and improve focus (“Not just horsing around….”). However, because horses are herd animals, they can read our body language and sense whenever we are scared, anxious, angry, etc, and they will respond accordingly. Horses’ innate sense to reciprocate our emotions can make it difficult to have a productive ride when our emotions come across as threatening to the horse. For example, say you had a bad day and you come into your lesson already frustrated. Your horse is likely to also become frustrated, “hot,” or maybe even excited because of your attitude.

When you’re riding and you begin to feel overwhelmed, it may be best to stop, take a break, and assess the situation. You may feel like your horse is misbehaving but often he or she is simply feeding off of what emotions they sense you are feeling. Taking a break offers you the opportunity to regroup, and focus on your ride.The majority of the time, when you are calm, your horse will be calm. It is especially important to think about controlling your emotions when in the show ring. New experiences, places, and shows, in general, can be very stressful for both you and your horse. Next time you feel like your ride isn’t going as smoothly as it could, maybe think about your horse’s perception of your emotions and refocus on what you want to accomplish in your ride!