SaddleBack Equestrian News: 2016 May Newsletter

SaddleBack Equestrian Upcoming Events

Sonrise Show: Saturday, June 4
OHJA Benefit Show (@Sonrise): Sunday, June 5
SaddleBack Beginner Camp:  June  6-10
Cadence Show: June 11
SaddleBack Advanced Beginner Camp:  June 14-17 

SaddleBack Beginner Camp: June 20-24 * 1/2 day option
SaddleBack Intermediate/Advanced Camp:  June 27-30
GO Preview Show (@OKC Fairgrounds):  July 7-10
GO Summer Show (@OKC Fairgrounds):  July 13-17
SaddleBack Beginner Camp:  July 18-22 * 1/2 day option
SummerFest Show (@Claremore Expo): August 13-14

SaddleBack News

SADDLEBACK EQUESTRIAN SUMMER CAMPS: Camps are filling up quickly!  Signup today!  Camp Registration Forms available on the Camp Page of SaddleBack website ( . Looking forward to another wonderful Summer at SaddleBack! 

  • June 6-10 (Beginner Camp) = $300, 5-day camp
  • June 14-17 (Advanced Beginner Camp) = $275, 4-day camp
  • June 20-24 (Beginner Camp) = $300 full day, 5-day camp; *½ -day option for $195
  • June 27-30 (Intermediate/Advanced Camp) = $275, 4-day camp
  • July 18-22 (Beginner Camp) = $300 full day, 5-day camp; *½-day option for $195

SaddleBack Tack Now Open:  SaddleBack Tack merchandise arrived! We have beginner packages available through our new shop SaddleBack Tack. Ovation schooling helmet, Equistar breeches, and Equistar boots, ALL for $109. If you are interested in new boots, Ovation helmets and/or chaps, Equistar breeches, crops, gloves, and show coats, please give Crystal a call or text at 918-636-9888!  Some common items such as boots, breeches, chaps and helmets will be in stock. Other items can be ordered and shipped within 7 business days.

Summer Schooling Shows:  SaddleBack Equestrian is having a successful Spring Show season! Our students and trainers worked hard to reach their goals and brought home many ribbons, Champions, and Reserve Champions from the shows! Plus, many of our riders have already qualified for Year End Ride-Offs. We are so proud of our rider's accomplishments!  June and July will be just as busy starting with the upcoming Sonrise show on June 4 and the OHJA benefit show on Sunday, June 5! We have 14 riders signed up so far! Following the Sonrise show, SaddleBack plans to attend the Cadence show on June 11 in Edmond. One of the biggest shows will be on July 7-10 and on July 13-17 at the OKC Fairgrounds. This is the GO Preview and Go Summer show. These 2 shows are the only "A" rated shows held in Oklahoma this year. Last but not least, the SummerFest Show will be at the Claremore Expo on August 13-14. Sign-up sheets are posted on tack room window. Sign up ASAP to allow hauling/stall accommodations as well as out of town accommodations for the OKC area shows.  

Congrats to KJM Show riders/horses: Big Congrats to the SaddleBack Equestrian riders on a successful KJM Show this past weekend! Highlights include:
Emma/Karma- Champion Puddle Jumpers
Hannah/Winston- Reserve Champion TIP Hunters
Courtney/Angel- Reserve Champion Intermediates
Lauren/Payday-Reserve Champion AC Beginners
Jamey/Oro- Reserve Champion Long Stirrup
Kristen/Lily won multiple blues & qualified for year end HJEO Hunter & Mini-Medal, and Emma/Stick (1st debut together), Marissa/Cappy & Carsyn/Pete all earned great ribbons! Emma, Hannah and Courtney also all qualified for Year End Ride-Offs. So proud of everyone's riding, hard work & sportsmanship!!

 Want to earn an extra $10??
In the tack room window you will find "REFER A FRIEND" business cards. Take some cards, write your name on each one, and pass out to friends, family, and acquaintances. Those receiving the cards will receive $10 off their first lesson at SaddleBack, AND you receive $10 off your next lesson when they present the card to us for their discount! Email: for more info!

School Horse of Month

Payday is an 11 year old, 15.3 hand, appendix Quarter Horse gelding. He recently won Reserve Champion at the KJM Show this past weekend with his student partially leasing him! Chestnut/Sorrel colored with a white blaze and 3 white socks, his registered name is PA Tulsa Time--registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. The brand on his front left shoulder appears to have a "PA" in it from his registered name.  Payday has done a little bit of everything in the english and western horse show worlds.  This includes Barrel Racing, Youth/4-H, Hunter Under Saddle and Dressage. He had been very successful in Dressage when SaddleBack purchase him in 2013.  

After joining SaddleBack, Payday immediately starting giving dressage lessons. He quickly became a favorite for many of the more experienced dressage students  While doing dressage lessons SaddleBack began working him over jumps, and he was quickly doing full courses with some of the more advanced riders. As he gained more experience and confidence, he began doing lessons for riders of all levels.  Payday has competed numerous times in both the 18" Academy Short and Long Stirrup Divisions as well as the 2"3 Academy Beginner Division.  A nice mover, Payday does quite well in his Hunter Under Saddle classes.  Riders also like him for equitation classes as he has a very smooth trot and canter.  Payday has jumped up to 3' with his lease riders and has a lovely lead change. He does see monsters from time to time and can have a bit of a spook on windy, cold days but our advanced riders enjoy "winter Payday" while all of our riders can enjoy "summer Payday." Congrats to Payday on his big win this past weekend! SaddleBack Equestrian has 12 amazing school horses available for lessons, partial leasing and showing.  Contact SaddleBack today to arrange a lesson on Payday or one of the other fantastic school horses!

Riding Tip Corner

Some horses have a bouncy trot and some have a soft, suspended trot where you will feel like you're floating in mid-air. Whatever the trot may be, every rider's goal during a horse's trot is to ride in sync with the horse's rhythm of his legs moving back and forth.  Have you ever watched a horse’s gait in its posting trot? When a horse trots, there are always 2 legs suspended in the air at all times. The horse’s legs move in diagonal pairs, where the front left leg and the right hind leg move at the same time and then vice versa the horse’s front right leg and the left hind leg move at the same time. When the horse moves in this manner, you will notice a 1, 2, 1, 2 rhythm in the horse’s gait. As you post in the trot you will feel the same 1, 2, 1, 2 or up, down, up, down rhythm. However, we must be in the same rhythm as the horse. This is when you will hear you instructor ask you to post on the correct diagonal. Posting on the correct diagonal is usually taught by looking at the horse’s shoulder that is located nearest to the wall or rail. As that shoulder comes up, we should be posting up out of the saddle. The reason we do this is so the horse can balance himself as you go around in circles and turns, but it allows your horse to move more freely, which results in a beautiful and quiet position that English riding is known for. 

There is another factor that plays an important role in proper balance and mechanics of the posting trot and that is called the correct diagonal. The term "rise and fall with the leg on the wall" means your hips will rise at the same time the horses shoulder closest to rail rises. This requires you to take a peek downward and watch the shoulder rise so that you can rise up at the same time. Advanced riders who want to win better ribbons in equestrian shows and events will need to learn to find the correct diagonal by feel as judges often frown on riders taking a sneak peek at their diagonals. In order to feel the correct diagonal, as the inside hind leg moves up you should be rising up along with it. Feel the inside hind leg/hip move up and as you do, your body should be rising up at the same time. Practice these steps at a walk first so you feel the horse's movement. After you accomplish the diagonal by feel at a walk, then you can practice it at a trot. Have your instructor help you until you get the "feel" of the correct diagonal by repeated practice.