School Horse of the Month

School Horse of Month
While his name might be “The Secret of Nim,” the only secret that this little chestnut has is his amiable disposition and eagerness to work. Nim is a 19-year-old warmblood, that has been with Saddleback for about a year now. His training in the upper levels of dressage has made him a favorite among not only our more advanced dressage riders but even our beginners. Though Nim acquired his dressage training prior to his time at Saddleback, he definitely never misses an opportunity to show off his gorgeous trot. His extended trot and lateral movements are fantastic! Nim’s dressage training carries over into any discipline, making him a great listener and beautiful mover. 

Nim learned to jump with us this past fall and has since been used for both flat and jumping lessons. He has always been eager to learn, so teaching an old dog new tricks wasn’t so hard, and he picked up jumping quite easily. Regardless of whether his rider is having their first lesson, first jump, or has been lessoning for years, Nim maintains his sweet-hearted, patient, and gentle attitude. Though he is currently leased by one of our adult dressage riders, this incredible horse is available for a partial-lease and occasional use in lessons. This big sweetheart is currently available for lessons, showing, and a partial-lease.  Please contact SaddleBack at: for info on partial leases and showing.