Riding Tip Corner

Winter Care Tips

This month, even though the weather has been warmer, we wanted to touch on some basic winter tips that are easily forgotten

1) Pick out your horse’s feet!
Horses feet become more susceptible to cracking, thrush, and other hoof problems because of the constant back and forth between warm/cold, dry/wet, and occasionally frozen conditions in the winter so it is vital that you clean their feet regularly to watch for/treat any hoof issues that arise.

2) Exercise! 
A lot of us seem to forget that stiffness, soreness, and arthritis from cold weather affects not just us, but our horses too. Mild exercise with lots of warm ups (like a nice forward walk a few times around the arena before trotting) can help alleviate a horse’s joint & muscle pain, while also maintaining their fitness. 

3) Blankets… 
Though horses obviously don’t get blanketed in the wild, we often blanket our horses to protect them from wet conditions and keep them comfortably warm. Be sure you watch the temperature and wind-chill and blanket your horse accordingly. 

4) Overall care.
Winter can make us all want to hibernate sometimes but don’t forget that your horse is out in the cold pasture or stall and probably feels the same way. Bear the cold and treat them to a nice grooming, leisurely walk, or maybe just some treats and love. This quality time is sure to help break your winter blues and theirs! 

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