School Horse of the Month

Mac N Cheese (aka Mac) is registered as "Big Mac To Go" with The American Paint Horse Association, and his birthday is February 3, 1992. Mac has a mustang freeze brand under his mane.  All mustangs/wild horses & burros gathered off public lands by the BML (Bureau of Land Management) can be identified with a painless freeze-mark on the left side of their necks, with a unique set of symbols. De-coding this brand will tell you (1) that the animal was the property of the US government, (2) animal's age, (3) state where the animal was first brought after capture, & (4) individual 4-digit code (which corresponds to neck tag that the animal wears before adoption). These symbols uniquely identify each individual, similar to a human's social security number.  

Once a mustang, Mac was adopted and has had some wonderful, caring owners--the latest of which gave him to SaddleBack so he can get great care, love & attention from the students.  Although he can sometimes be a bit ornery in the cross-ties, Mac loves his job (especially jumping) and enjoys giving lessons to our beginner riders. Next time you are around Mac be sure to check out his unique mark showing he was a mustang (and give him an extra pat or kiss because we love him). 

If you would like to lesson on or lease this very kind soul, contact us at 918-408-6446.