Riding Tip Corner

Show Tips: 

What to wear - Appropriate attire for schooing shows is as follows: tan breeches, black half chaps and paddock boots (OR black tall boots with laces), a black helmet, black gloves, a belt, and a solid colored polo (for schooling) or long-sleeved show shirt and show jacket (for showing). 

When to arrive - Contact your trainer to know exactly when is best to arrive to the schooling show. The general rule is to arrive AT LEAST an hour before your estimated show time to groom your horse, clean tack, and be warming up thirty minutes early.

What to bring - If you are riding a Saddleback school horse, tack rental is included in the price of the school horse rental and most of the following items will be provided. Otherwise, please bring your own cleaned tack. Everyone showing should purchase and bring a freshly washed, fitted, close-contact WHITE saddle pad or half-pad for use under the saddle. Encouraged additional items are Show Sheen (or other hair polish), towels, tail brushes, hoof oil, baby powder (for white areas), baby wipes, horse shampoo, buckets, tack-cleaning supplies (soap and conditioner), hair nets, bobby pins, hair bands, safety pins, a hair brush, a crop and spurs, and ear puffs. 

What to expect - Horse shows are a game of “hurry up and wait,” so it is best to be prepared in a timely manner and check with your trainer to be sure you are ready to go in the ring at the appropriate time. Remember that horse shows are a learning experience to track your personal progress. Do not be discouraged if you do not place as well as you hoped, but rather take that experience to better prepare for your next show! Most of all, smile, have fun, and make the most of your show day!