SaddleBack Summer Show - Saturday, August 26!

The date of our Summer Show is just 4 weeks away!  

What:   SaddleBack Summer Show 

Who:   Open to all SaddleBack riders; Leadline open to anyone (even if never ridden for us--ages 6 & under)

When:   Saturday, August 26

Time:   8:00am - 1:00pm (each division will have their own estimated start time)

Where:    SaddleBack Equestrian


  • Divisions consists of 5 classes (Division descriptions listed on attached Prizelist); We recommend riders compete in an entire division which include 5 classes consisting of:
    • 3 jumping or ground pole classes (Hunter I, Hunter II, Equitation Over Fences/Poles): each individual rider does the assigned “course” over 6-8 ground poles or jumps depending on their division.  Each class is placed individually (1st-8th place ribbons for each class).
    • 2 non-jumping/pole “Flat” classes (Hunter Under Saddle & Equitation on Flat):  together, riders, walk, trot (and canter only for those in the cantering division) both directions of the ring.  Each class is placed individually (1st-8th place ribbons for each class).  
  • Ribbons awarded for EACH class, plus Champion & Reserve Champion Ribbons for EACH Division

 Costs: (Estimated Costs for Each Rider, excluding Leadline): 

    • Division (includes all 5 classes in Division):  $75
    • Trainer Coaching (for Trainer to coach rider through warm-up & all their classes):  $35
    • Office Fee (per each rider):  $10
    • School Horse Rental (for using one of SaddleBack's school horses instead of own horse):  $30
    • Total Cost:  $150 per rider for Entire Division* (5 classes) w/School Horse, Trainer Coaching & Office Fees 
      • *If you are showing your own horse or leased horse then Total Cost is $120 instead of $150 (no school horse rental fee)

Leadline ONLY Class Cost:

  • Leadline: for ANYONE 6 years of age or younger. Does NOT have to be a SaddleBack student—can be siblings, friends, neighbors, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. These young riders will be led via leadline on one of SaddleBack’s school horses, walking only. 
    • Total Cost for Leadline:  $25; SaddleBack can help to arrange someone (trainer or helper) to “lead” school horse around with rider, SaddleBack will provide helmets, horses & equipment; riding attire is NOT required
    • 1st place Blue Ribbons awarded for EVERY rider that participates in Leadline class

Sign-up Sheets for this show (w/school horse reservations) are now posted up at the barn on the Tack Room window.  Please sign-up ASAP to reserve your preferred school horse as they are on a first-come-first-serve basis.  A $50 non-refundable deposit w/entry form is needed to reserve horse—refundable only if date change due to weather. 

*School Horses Available (12 total): Belle, Penny, Lily, Payday, Mac, Charlie, Brady, Bishop, Shadow, Beau, Kip, Nim. Each of the 12 school horses can do 2 divisions PLUS leadline. 

A Prize List with schedule/info and Entry Forms are posted at the barn or you can Email Us for a copy and we can email you pdfs of both.   

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We’re looking forward to a wonderful show and hope everyone can participate!