May 2018 Newsletter

SaddleBack Equestrian News:

Summer Beginner Lesson Session!
June 3rd-August 25th (13 weeks). Classes begin June 3rd.  Pick weekly lesson time from days & times below. 
Lessons Days & Times: 
Sundays 10:00-11:00am - FULL
Mondays 9:00-10:00am
Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm
Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm - FULL
Fridays 9:00-10:00am
Saturdays 10:00-11:00am - FULL

Lessons are 1 hour and include grooming, tacking, and riding. Students ride for approx 30 minutes and learn to walk, trot, steer, post, 2-pt & more! Horses & equipment provided. 
$27/class if paid in full
$30/class w/installments
SIGN UP TODAY to secure your spot for your preferred day & time! You can sign-up online at:

Summer Camps Are Filling Up!
Summers At SaddleBack are back with new activities, crafts, & games! We make learning to ride FUN!!! SaddleBack is offering 3 beginner camps, 1 Advanced/Beginner camp and 1 Intermediate/Advanced Camp. Camps are held from 9-3pm. Slots are filling up fast, so hurry and enroll today! See link below for downloadable enrollment form.

June 5-7 (Beginner), 3-day;  $210

June 11-15 (Beginner), 4-day;  $325 (FULL)

June 18-22 (Beginner), 5-day;  $325

June 25-28 (Adv Beginner), 4-day:  $295

July 9-13 (Beginner), 5-day;  $325

Lease a SaddleBack horse for the Summer!
Do you know all of our school horses? Would you like to lease one for the summer? What better way to spend time with your favorite horse this summer by leasing one of our school horses from June-August! Take a look at our new Lease page on our website! Each school horse is proudly displayed with their own photo and bio so you get to know them better! We have 3 month leases available for $325/ month on many of our 12 school horses such as Bishop, Penny, Payday, Lily, Belle, Brady,  Beau, Charlie & more! In addition to riding, you get $5 off each lesson, 2-3 scheduled rides a week (30-40 min in length), and 1st priority on horse shows and lessons! To see our school horses go to If you are interested in leasing a SaddleBack school horse contact your trainer or contact SaddleBack at 918-408-6446!

Summer Lesson Schedule
Lesson schedules and times are changing for Summer! The new times usually go in effect right after Memorial Day weekend. To adapt to the hotter temperatures, SaddleBack Equestrian staff changes lesson times to mornings and evenings to prevent heat exhaustion in trainers, riders, and horses. If you haven't changed your lesson times with your trainer to a morning or evening for summer, please call or text us at 918-408-6446 or notify your trainer. Thank you!

Spring / Summer Shows
Sign-up sheets for the last Spring and Summers shows are on tack room window.  Please sign up ASAP to reserve your spot and your favorite horse if on a school horse. The last show of the season is June 9th. Please contact SaddleBack or your trainers with any questions regarding horse shows. 

Congrats to SaddleBack riders at KJM Show: 
We’re so proud of how our SaddleBack Equestrian riders & horses did at the KJM show this past weekend! Highlights:
Savannah/Oro- Champion Intermediate
Grace/Angel- Champion Beginner
Emily M/Kip- Blues in both Eq on Flat & HUS for AC Beginner
Ashley S/Journey- won big 2’ HUS w/14 horses
Clara/Carrie- great ribbons 2’6 Int debut
Madeline/Stick- great ribbons 2’6 Int debut
Deborah/Nate- great ribbons moving up to 2’6 from 2’
SaddleBack is so proud of you all for your hard work, dedication to your horse & the sport, & support to your fellow riders!