Hear From Our Happy Clients

Hear what some of the clients are saying about SaddleBack Equestrian


I have been at SaddleBack since 2010. I began riding in the beginner camp and recently showed jumping in the 2’3” hunters winning year end ribbons.  Showing with everyone at the barn is always a blast; we make it a great time! Ashley and the other instructors are great trainers, incredible teachers, and will do anything they can to help you. They think and teach from a rider’s perspective, which helps students learn easier.  The people around the barn are very kind and helpful. The lesson horses are absolutely amazing and extremely well trained. I've had a chance to ride almost all of the lesson horses, show a couple of them, and enjoy them all.  The facilities and land are unbelievable! The stables are very clean, well kept, and organized. I will be going off to college Fall 2016 and hope to ride on a collegiate equestrian team. I am truly going to miss SaddleBack and everyone at the barn while away at school, but look forward to my visits when home!  


My name is Lindsey’s Surprise and as a thoroughbred, I have traveled the country as a race horse and moved with my mom when she changed jobs. I have been to many nice barns, and SaddleBack ranks up there with the best. I enjoy having a window in my stall and am able to keep tabs on everyone, and the added bonus of fresh air is great. I have enough room to move around and take a nap. I get fed excellent feed, great hay, have fresh water and get to be outside with my buddies at least 12 hours a day, if not more. I am well taken care of and if my mom can’t get out to see me they give me treats and help me not to miss her-they are fantastic!


I first arrived at SaddleBack in December 2014 and fell in love with this wonderful facility and the most wonderful people there! They provide me with the best care and pamper me incessantly. My day consists of excellent care with long turnouts in my safe paddock when weather is not scary or too hot/cold, an abundance of hay, premium grain, and well-maintained arenas for frequent rides and lessons to attain my muscular physique for the ladies/mares. Most of all, I enjoy the loving and laid-back atmosphere which makes me a happy horse all the way around! What more could a horse ask for? XOXO! 


To see my daughter, Marissa, grow from a beginner rider at 11 years old to an accomplished rider jumping in hunter/jumper shows, has been one of the most rewarding experiences at SaddleBack! Thanks to Ashley’s principles and coaching style based on top equestrians, including George Morris, my husband and I are continually amazed at Marissa’s equitation and jumping skills. The many blue and red ribbons Marissa acquired at shows, including Year-End Champion in Equitation and Reserve in Hunters, is due to the hard work and dedication by Ashley and Marissa both! Training at SaddleBack Equestrian was the best decision we ever made!

Crystal & Steve

Hanley has been training at SaddleBack a little over a year now. From her first time on horseback to where she is now has been exciting to watch. What I really like about SaddleBack and her trainer is that my daughter doesn't just show up and ride a horse. Her trainer takes her through the entire process of going to get the horse, brushing the horse, going to the tack room and getting the saddle, pad, bridal and putting it on the horse. Then she gets to ride! When she is done riding she has to put up all the tack, brush/wash the horse and take it back to the pasture. SaddleBack is teaching her life skills that Hanley may not fully understand yet at her young age, but will definitely take with her and appreciate as she grows up.


I have always loved horses and it has been a life-long dream of mine (I'm in my 60's) to learn how to ride.  Starting in 2012, I had the opportunity to do just that at SaddleBack, and it's been a wonderful ride!  The trainers have been so helpful and encouraging in my journey to become an equestrian.  Everyone at SaddleBack has been so friendly, and I feel like they are now a part of my extended family.  This whole experience has brought great joy to my life!

—Janet P.

Our daughter has ridden with Ashley for several years. Her progression as a rider and horsemanship skills have been impressive to say the least. Not to mention, we always feel right at home at SaddleBack with a welcoming and knowledgeable staff that truly care for their riders.

—Janet H.

I absolutely love SaddleBack Equestrian...After having been taught incorrectly with an old trainer and not having the most wonderful experience, I didn't really know what to expect my first time I went out. Ashley made me feel so comfortable - so welcoming, inviting, and she knew exactly what she was doing. As I continue to lesson, she pushes me farther than I ever think I can go - pushing me to my full potential, and I ALWAYS learn something new! Everything at SaddleBack is done with excellence, and it provides the most wonderful atmosphere for learning and having a great time. The horses are amazing, and the facilities are beautiful. It's the most wonderful riding experience I've ever had, and I highly recommend it to anyone!


My daughter, Madeline; recently began retraining with Jessie a few months ago.  Madeline originally began riding with Jessie at another facility a few years ago.  When Jessie got married and moved away, Madeline continued at that facility.  However, when we discovered that Jessie was back to the Tulsa area at a different facility, we doubled back to her as soon as she would have us even though it is over an hour for us to get there from Bartlesville!!  Madeline loves training with Jessie and both of us absolutely LOVE SaddleBack!!!  My daughter appreciates the fact that Jessie is able to instruct her in a constructive manner and also make it fun.  Scheduling lessons is tricky due to our hectic schedules and distance but Jessie has really worked with both of us to accommodate our needs.  I really, really appreciate the discounts for tuition payments paid in full at the beginning of the month.   Overall, it has been a happy experience for both Madeline and me at SaddleBack.  Hopefully, this association will continue for many years to come. 


Macy has dreamed of riding horses since she was 2 years old. After trying lessons at several places in town, we finally found SaddleBack! With the help of her trainer she has mastered the basics and has progressed so quickly that she's already jumping after less than a year in training. SaddleBack has been a dream come true for our daughter and what more could a parent want than to see their child living their dream.


Our daughter Isabelle has been riding at SaddleBack since January 2015. We love SaddleBack. Our instructor is awesome.   She is great with kids and knows just how to get them to do their best. She leaves my daughter wanting to learn and do more with each lesson.